Saturday, December 3, 2011


A spiritual seeker went to a renowned Master, asking to be accepted into monastic life. The Master consented and after agreeing to obey certain requirements, the seeker settled into a steady rhythm of meditation, contemplation, service and scriptural study.

However, early one morning the seeker heard that a fellow monk who had been studying with the Master for a number of years, had packed his bags in the middle of the night and fled.

Shocked and in a state of disbelief, the seeker decided to go to the Master and ask how this could be possible? Why, would someone intent on liberation throw everything away?

When the seeker offered these questions, the Master listened, nodded and sat in silence for several, long minutes. Then the Master stated,

“On the spiritual path what happens between a seeker and his or her Master is between them.

*Why are you concerned about someone else and his state?

*What about you?

*What about your state?

*Why are you so easily thrown off-center?

-These things you must always be willing to ask yourself. Until you do you will attain nothing.”


Excerpt from: 'BE YOUR OWN GURU' a transformational online course in conjunction with Daily Om. For details go to: