Sunday, August 28, 2011


Early one Sunday morning in the early 1980's, I was running up a steep hill on the island of New Providence, in an area downtown near the elegant Governor General's house. It was a beautiful day in mid-January and cool enough to be able to run at 10a.m. Along with forty or so members of a for-fun running club, I was racing along, intent on finding a trail laid out using flour.

To my left, was an old, grey stone church. On the outside of the structure were white, slatted windows that swung out and were held in place by support rods. As I pounded up and over the arc of the hill, I suddenly heard a refrain of a hymn carried by the breeze. It was unexpected and sung with such force, it flooded my senses, instantly carrying me to a place I seemed to recognize but had not visited for a long, long time. In that moment, my legs wobbled beneath me, my heart opened and I began to cry wondering why the hymn would move me so?

In the mystical Sufi tradition, a moment like this is called Dhikr, the chanting of divine names in order to initiate remembrance of God. Although I did not realize it at the time, the power of the congregants singing was a beautiful gift that spoke to my deep longing and invited a 'turning of the heart' toward the divine. It was here, in this profound moment that my inner journey began.

Since then, there have been continuous turnings and openings of the heart which have had a three-fold effect: one an awakening to the consciousness of oneness, two a desire to do the inner work and three, a willingness to support and encourage others on their own inner journey.

Thich Nhat Hahn expresses this beautifully when he states,

"You are me and I am you. It is obvious that we inter-are. You cultivate the flower in yourself so that I will be beautiful. I transform the garbage in myself so that you do not have to suffer. I support you, you support me. I am here to bring you peace. You are here to bring me joy.
Knowing that we inter-are, there are simple self-inquiry questions we can contemplate to bring us back to the heart. Here are a selection:

* Am I working with the energy of the heart or against it?
* Am I trusting my innate wisdom?If not why not?
* How can I uplift myself and others at this time in my life?

By being willing to contemplate these questions again and again, we are continually aligning with the essence of our longing and giving voice to our own unique wisdom. In this way, we naturally find ourselves empowered to uplift, inspire and encourage everyone and everything in our world.


  1. ahhhhhh exhaled the beauty..almost didn't want to..but one does need to breathe. And of course when i saw you had written a little child i just couldn't wait to READ..i NEVER do this..before i submit, yet just KNEW IT!! when i first read this assignment i said "uhoh" because i just submerge my longing..every time i see..this eye.

    Its an eye of forgiveness..its an eye of compassion..of compelling LOVE..its who i long for..

    I felt this once Italy..on top of a mountain..a cloud drifted..right off a higher mountain and came right towards us..i said to my husband "watch out honey..God is coming for us" and to express what happened ..something out of a movie....beautiful moisture went through every pour of our beings (well my being)..i was totally submerged in WET yet when it passed through..we were was a spiritual refreshing..a knowing...of where i once was..once not here but in the womb of God

    It numbed my senses...yet every time i think of this i heartbeat reality..for ALL to know of this much we are loved

    thank you..ahhhhhh i think i am to paint this eye...or something like this...hehe ((hugs))

    thank you.....thankyou..........selah

  2. Brenda namaste,

    And thank you. I really appreciate your beautiful share and I appreciate your kind words of recognition and support. THIS is why I write and why I do the inner work, to know THAT! OM and Blessings, Juliex

  3. I am so moved by your writings. I feel humble and lacking when I read of your journeys, yet somehow, it also reminds me that I am who I am meant to be and always a work in progress. Thank you for always bringing me back.
    Like Brenda, I don't read before I write, but this one time I did. I'm not at all sorry. It will serve as inspiration to write from MY heart.

  4. Thich Nhat Hahn's words are always so simple and true; I read them and they resonate--always. This oneness is not a complicated thing--it is, I believe, the purest core of who we are--where God lives within us. Of course, operating from that place and not from some lesser outer covering of 'stuff' is the challenge.

    The questions you posed, and others of the same ilk, come naturally, especially when we aren't operating from that core place because at those times, they gnaw and remind us to refocus and try again. Those times are gifts.

    Your description of your moment of awareness was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Those last few questions are definitely ones that everyone should ask themselves and often!

  6. Good questions to ask of oneself. I certainly need to do so more often.

  7. This was a wonderfully spiritual post. It is earth shattering and profound when a person is moved spiritually from a divine source!!


  8. What a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing!

  9. What a great way to interpret longing and very important questions to ask oneself on a daily basis...actually, I can think of a couple days where I needed to ask myself those questions a couple times a day. Wonderful post! Thank you!