Sunday, March 11, 2012


In a lucid dream I was astonished to find myself in the home of Papaji an Enlightened Master from the Advaita tradition. Although I had never studied with him while he was alive, or even read any of his books, Papaji immediately made me feel at home and invited me to take a seat as he moved around the kitchen preparing a meal. Also to my great delight, seated close by immersed in profound stillness was Anandamayi Ma, a beautiful female Saint who is revered in India.

Observing Papaji's movements, I was acutely aware that every gesture was a teaching. With incredible focus, he took great care in washing the rice, chopping the vegetables and frying the spices. There was not one second that was thrown away with lack of Presence. When Papaji was finished, he laid a place at the table and handed me a plate of steamed rice, curried vegetables and dahl. Then he looked at me intently and said,

"What you teach about lucid dreaming is true.

Being conscious is everything.

When you realize there is no 'better' moment than this moment right now, you are not willing to throw it away.

There is never going to be a better moment than NOW."

That said, Papaji left the house and walked away and when I turned around to look for Ananadamayi Ma, I realized she had disappeared.

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