Monday, October 14, 2013

Saying Yes.

On Friday a package arrived in the mail.  It was a book. This little, aqua-green gem has been wending its way to me for over a year.

The title of the book is, 'Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself.'' The author is Lori Deschene. She is the founder of the Tiny Buddha website. In August 2012, Lori had written to ask if she could use one of my articles in the book.

I said, "Yes."

This past August, Lori wrote again. She wanted to know if I would support the book's launch, by offering a free gift.

She also wondered if I would like to participate in an interview. Lori attached a list of interview questions and asked for them to be completed within a few days.

At the time, I had just arrived back on Grand Bahama Island. I had been in the UK all summer where I had been spending time with family and friends. I had also been completing writing projects, teaching and counseling.

Lori's e-mail arrived the morning after a grueling transatlantic flight. Back to the reality of island living, the heat and humidity was unbelievable, the car wouldn't start, there was no food in the fridge and I had a gazillion things to get caught up on. I was feeling worn thin and overwhelmed to say the least.

However, I said, "Yes."

Years ago, I remember reading about a Zen Master who asked one of his disciples,

 "Why do you always say No, before you say Yes?"

This question triggered an epiphany. In that moment, I realized I have rarely had this problem.

The reason is, I trust my heart.

Even with exhaustion and concerns about whether there will be time to get everything done, if my heart wills it, I know it will all magically happen.

Somehow, my heart just knows.....

Tiny Buddha

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